Only A Woman’s Heart

A bunch of Irish “performance artists” (that’s drag queens and kings to you and me) have joined together with Eleanor McEvoy, for ‘Only a Woman’s Heart – With a Twist’ to raise funds for Age Action’s work with older people in Ireland. Yes, I am one of them. But that’s not the twist.

‘Only A Woman’s Heart’ is a song written by Eleanor McEvoy and part of a compilation of twelve tracks performed by six female Irish artists that sold more copies than any other album ever in Irish music sales history. Most of the songs are well-known in Ireland but ‘Only A Woman’s Heart’ is iconic. But that’s not the twist either.

Age Action supports and advocates for equality and human rights for all older people. Everything we do is based on a recognition of the diversity of identity and situation among older people and a concern for equality for all older people. This funds raised by this project will help to support Age Action’s work. And here comes the twist.

It is YOUR support that makes this project work. By watching our performance and then contributing to Age Action, you’re doing a good thing.

Link takes you to Age Action GoFundMe page.