Welcome to BINGO with Shirley Temple Bar Online!

IMPORTANT: You should have already received your bingo card and your password by email. (They are coming from separate email addresses so please check your spam folder if you have not seen them). If you have not received your emails, let us know on Twitter as soon as possible and we try to sort it out. #BingoSTB

You will need to use the bingo card on a separate device from your viewing device. You can print it out and use it old skool but you will still need to be able to access Twitter or the comments section of the stream to interact with the show, e.g. if you win!

Take note of your bingo card number – it’s unique to you and you will need to quote it to let us know that you think you have won. If your card number is C462, you need to tweet or comment “C462 win #BingoSTB”. The hashtag is essential on Twitter.

If you are all set to play bingo, click the button below, enter your password and off you go! Thank you for supporting us, good luck and enjoy the show!

Should our broadcast stream encounter technical difficulties, please note that we will use TWITTER to let you know what to do. Use the hashtag #BingoSTB

Showtime is 8pmthat’s 2000hrs if you are Eloise, my French exchange student – and we WILL be on time. However if you are a little early, here’s a short film that I made during lockdown about lockdown that I should have called LockDown. Doh!

Terms and conditions: It is your responsibility to communicate with us using the method described above. The limitations of streaming mean there may be a small time-delay and therefore bingo will be called a little slower to allow everyone time to respond. Two or more players can potentially complete a line or a full house at the same time, therefore time stamps will be used to determine who called first. An alternative method may also be activated at our discretion. Shirley’s adjudications are final. (Your rights and obligations under Irish & European Criminal & Commercial Law remain unaffected).