It's been a while since I've updated this site. I am on Twitter most of the time: @shirleybar. You can also find me on facebook - for now, but I am considering deleting that account. I'm also in Instagram too, where my handle is Read more


Join Veda, Victoria and Bunny as they try to convince me that this Sunday is as good a time as any to give away the snowball. I probably won't listen but you never know your luck. Catch the showtime shenanigans at The George from Read more


Brothers and Sisters! Come celebrate with me this Easter Sunday and share in my Easter Revelation. Yes, my Friends, you could win eternal salvation or even the snowball, which is growing faster than Islam. Come and witness incredible performances from drag queens you thought were Read more


My Snowball is at €1,200 this weekend - and if that's not enough to drag you in to The George by 9pm on Sunday,  then I should tell you about the great show we've got planned. Veda, Dolly Grip and Victoria Secret are providing Read more


On February 16th, I will be celebrating the 850th Bingo show. That's eight-hundred and fifty weekly shows! That's a lot of shows and a lot of weeks. The show started waaaay back in 1997, shortly after I had been crowned Alternative Miss Ireland. It was Read more


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Join us for Bingo at The George Bar this Sunday. The snowball is €900 plus there are loads of other prizes and a plastic-glamtastic showcase showdown with Dolly Grip, Davina Devine, Veda Lady and more… See you after 9pm. (Tables are already booked out so come early to grab your spot!)

BINGO: 28 JULY 2013

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I’m looking forward to Sunday and another great Bingo show at The George, where I’ve got debauched debutantes, drunken dowagers and enough dough to buy a small property in the South of Leitrim. Yes, I have a snowball of €1,300 and the company of  some of my favourite maladjusted young lady-entertainers. (That’s them looking simple on the poster. Bless!). So think about it for a bit and try to come to any other conclusion than “Bingo is the place for me this Sunday!”.

Showtime is from after 9pm until late – with DJ Karen on the decks after the show. It’s free entry until 10pm. See you there!

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Brethren! Come over and see me on Twitter, where I’m preaching The Gospel of Shirley (which is essentially stealing other people’s thoughts, links and jokes and passing them off as my own) and living the life of a wandering holy person (which is basically living like a hermit with nothing but my iPad, a few feral cats and a pigeon for company). Follow me, if you think you’re up to it.

If you don’t, you’re going straight (or gay) to hell!

DISCLAIMER: Hell may not actually exist. And neither do I.


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All gone by in the blink of an eye but I can’t believe that I’m celebrating SIXTEEN years performing at The George… I’m not even supposed to be old enough to have done anything for sixteen years – except maybe breathing. Of course, what I’m supposed to look like and what I actually look like are two very different things. Those sixteen years are etched on every part of my face – especially my lips, as you can see from my illustration! (Yes, those are meant to be my lips and not, as Veda kindly suggested, my teeth!)

Anyway, to celebrate this momentous occasion, we are having a party. And you my lovely friends, admirers, stalkers and frenemies are invited. Of course it’s all about me but it won’t be just me… That’s far too much responsibility for one broad-shouldered young-ish girl. So I have enlisted the help of some of my favourite people. Some of them you’ll know well from the weekly show while others visit far too seldom. All of them will combine to make this an evening that I hope NOT to be able to remember.

BINGO: 30 JUNE 2013

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So what do you do the day after Pride? You put down the rainbow flags, pull the glitter from your eyelids, drag a brush through your hair and come down to The George for the Post-Pride Come-Down party with Shirley and the gang. With Veda, Davina, Bunny, Victoria, Dolly and more of your favourite lady-parts, the Pride Special isn’t just special. It’s for survivors.

We’re gonna party and bullshit and party and bullshit for hours and then let DJ Karen take over on the decks til the sun comes up again. You might even win something.

Showtime is summertime start time of 9pm. Drink. Drag. Dance. And a dose of pride.

BINGO: 2 JUNE 2013

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It’s another Bank Holiday! They are popping up more regularly than a Lindsay Lohan court appearance that you could be forgiven for not caring anymore. What makes this one different is that we’re welcoming the start of Summer. The sun is actually shining – in between hail and rainstorms admittedly – but it’s shining…  And that’s more than we’ve had for a while. So for Bank Holiday Sunday at least, we are going to give it sunshine at Bingo.

We’ve got a great show planned, with something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue… And with Karen on the decks til very late you can stay out all night to get lucky. If you haven’t got lucky before then.

With cash prizes, booze prizes and the chance to get off with Dolly Grip, your only fooling with yourself if you stay at home. See you for our SUMMER-TIME START-TIME of 9pm.

Drink. Drag. Dance. And a flash of your tanlines…. What more could a body ask for?