Christmas Show

Thanks to everyone who showed up to watch our free-to-view Christmas Special. It was a last minute thing – and a bit thrown together but it was thrown together with love. If you missed out, you can watch it on YouTube here:

A Christmas Special from Shirley Temple Bar and the Bingo Queens.

Live Drag is Dead Again

The latest government restrictions mean that The George remains closed and my temporary stop-gap show in Opium is no longer feasible. We await further developments (for better or for worse) and, in the meantime, live drag is dead again. The bony (and lonely) digits of online drag shows are beckoning – but I resist their lure for the time being.

But watch this space. A Resurrection is (surely) nigh!

Friends of Dorothy

Irish drag queens Candy Warhol and Kiki St Clair have a new podcast called Friends of Dorothy. The name refers to old gay slang for describing gay people. The Dorothy in question being Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and the gays were coded as Friends of Dorothy because all the gays back then loved Judy Garland. (I think Judy loved the gays too because she married one).

Anyway, the girls were kind enough to invite me on their show and the episode where we had a chat is now live!

You all know that I talk a lot of nonsense so it’s very useful that their promotional material reminds me what I spoke about… although I’m quite sure I trash-talked about EVERYONE. Including YOU. But you‘ll never know for sure unless you have a listen! You can find the link for your fave podcast service here.

As Seen in The Irish Times

Thanks to the kind folk in the Irish Times Magazine for including Sup in their weekly list of what’s hot in Ireland right now. (During the pandemic, they’ve ditched the what’s not hot part of this list, which is probably kinder and certainly a relief!). Thanks also to all the cast and crew (from The George) for putting in the effort – and thanks to you for joining us.

Hopefully, we’ll keep up the hot servings of supper, sounds and silliness for weeks to come!

Sup on Sundays

These are strange times and plans are hard to make and harder to keep. But I’m a creative girl and I’m determined to keep the show on the road. Actually, I’m keeping the show in the same place and I’m going to try to deliver it every Sunday for as long as we can.

I’m serving sounds, supper and your chance to win cash prizes and I’d love to see you there!

Promotional image for Sup with Shirley, which takes place every Sunday at Opium on Wexford Street.


Whassup everyone! It’s been a while… but I am delighted to announce that we can be together again soon. SUP is my socially-distant, safe but fun, bingo and drag show, sit-down supper club. It’s happening on Bank Holiday Sunday in opulent Opium on Wexford Street and it’s gonna be super!

All the details are here

Calling Gloria

During my online show to celebrate Pride and the 23rd anniversary of my Bingo show, I had a surprise visit from international music superstar Gloria Estefan. Gloria, who I had previously interviewed for my column in the GCN magazine, recorded a special video greeting wishing everyone a happy Pride month – despite Covid19 – and she congratulated me on 23 years of drag shows. Gloria was giving drag queens high profile gigs long before RuPaul ever did and it was a real thrill to get someone of her stature to join in the festivities.


It’s not an anniversary, it’s a dragiversary – and I am celebrating one on June 28. Of course, all of my life is “Herstory in the Making” but on that day I will be marking something special. That’s because it has been twenty three years since I first hosted my Bingo show in The George… and I’m hosting an online show to celebrate.

Luckily, it’s also Pride weekend so it doesn’t have to be about me at all. It can be about YOU and your friends watching me and my friends. There’ll be fabulous drag performances, lots of silliness and shade PLUS you can play bingo for some lovely prizes including the cash jackpot. Tickets are on sale now. Just click the link below and join the fun!

Only A Woman’s Heart

A bunch of Irish “performance artists” (that’s drag queens and kings to you and me) have joined together with Eleanor McEvoy, for ‘Only a Woman’s Heart – With a Twist’ to raise funds for Age Action’s work with older people in Ireland. Yes, I am one of them. But that’s not the twist.

‘Only A Woman’s Heart’ is a song written by Eleanor McEvoy and part of a compilation of twelve tracks performed by six female Irish artists that sold more copies than any other album ever in Irish music sales history. Most of the songs are well-known in Ireland but ‘Only A Woman’s Heart’ is iconic. But that’s not the twist either.

Age Action supports and advocates for equality and human rights for all older people. Everything we do is based on a recognition of the diversity of identity and situation among older people and a concern for equality for all older people. This funds raised by this project will help to support Age Action’s work. And here comes the twist.

It is YOUR support that makes this project work. By watching our performance and then contributing to Age Action, you’re doing a good thing.

Link takes you to Age Action GoFundMe page.

Bingo Online

Tickets for Sunday’s Online Bingo are selling fast. If you already grabbed a ticket, thank you so much for your support. We’ve got a fun show lined up which is worth it alone… but your ticket comes with a bingo card that could win some of our wild and wonderful prizes or our cash jackpot.

If you haven’t got a ticket yet, you better make a move fast. Numbers are limited for logistical reasons and that number is approaching fast(er than I thought!). See you Sunday!