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Shirley Temple Bar has been at the centre of Dublin’s LGBT social scene for 21 years. Her weekly show Bingo with Shirley Temple Bar in The George Bar is one of Ireland’s longest-running weekly social events and Shirley has been at the helm there for more than 1000 shows.


Bingo with Shirley Temple Bar takes place every Sunday night at Dublin’s largest LGBT club, The George, on Dublin’s South Great George’s Street.

I established my Sunday night Bingo in The George in 1997 and over 1000 shows later I’m still calling the balls! Bingo with Shirley Temple Bar is the original, longest-running and best-known show on the Irish gay scene. Entering its twentieth year, the show has made The George the place to be on Sundays for generations of gays and thousands of people from all around the world have seen it. The show kicks off at 9:30pm followed by DJ Karen on the decks till the Po-Po show¹.

Here’s Shirley’s Bingo FAQs.

What is Bingo with Shirley Temple Bar?

My show, which I ingeniously call Bingo with Shirley Temple Bar, is a bonkers combination of bingo and an amazing cabaret show starring me! It takes place every Sunday at The George, Ireland’s oldest gay bar and also features some of my fabulous friends and frenemies. Each week the cast may be different but you are guaranteed the same unforgettable experience. [top]

How Do I See the Show?

Tickets? You want to book tickets? Well, you can’t. That’s because there are no tickets. Unbelieveably, this amazing show is absolutely free. Even the bingo books and pens are free. That’s how much they value your custom in The George. The only thing better would be if the drinks were free. Which they are not. That said, if you play Bingo, there’s a chance you could win free drinks too. So everyone is a winner! Unless you don’t win.

The fun takes place every Sunday evening from 9:30pm. You better get in before 10pm because after that they start charging in. Besides, any later and you’d miss the show entirely. Lord knows, I’ve tried.

Average show runtime is 2½ hours. The George closes at 1:30pm on Sundays so you’ll still get to dance after the show, if that’s your thing.[top]

Where Do I see it?

The George Bar/Nightclub is Ireland’s most famous gay bar so you could easily ask for directions in any town in Ireland and they’d get you (nearly) here. My guess is that you are far too independent to ask for directions so here are some directions. It’ll be our little secret:

The George Bar
89 South Great Georges Street
Dublin 2
Tel (01) 671 3298 / (01) 671 3819

The George is located at the Dame Street end of South Great Georges Street. Dame Street is the street that begins at the front entrance of Trinity College and ends at Dublin Castle.


Can I Book a Table?

The venue is a pub so all seating (apart from selected reserved areas) is on a First Come, First Served basis. It’s often standing room only from very early in the evening, so don’t dilly-dally over your outfit. If you can’t see me, then the odds are I can’t see you so all that worry over your fashion choices will have been for nothing.

Of course, some of the best seating in the house can be reserved. If you would like to book a table (for a small number of friends), get in touch by email and we will do our best to facilitate. If it is a special occasion, be sure to mention it so we can do our best to make a fuss/ignore it/ruin it. Please tell us who you are, when you will be coming and how many people you will have in your group. Reserved seating is limited so smaller groups are more easily accommodated. Larger groups can be assigned a whole section of the pub so don’t be afraid to ask! Give us an email address so we can confirm your booking. Simples!

Wherever you sit (or stand), there are screens situated around the premises so you can follow along with the Bingo or watch performances in diet-inducing “widescreen”. [top]

How do I Play Bingo?

First thing you’ll need is a bingo card and a pen. These are provided free of charge to all customers of The George. Yes, that’s right. It’s free to play – even though you will regularly have the chance to win thousands of euro in cash prizes and a whole rake of other fantastic prizes.

On each Bingo Card, there are six boxes and across these six boxes you will find the numbers 1 to 90 randomly spread. My electronic bingo machine will randomly generate a number and, when I call it, you need to find it on your card and mark it with a circle or an ‘X’. All numbers between 1 and 9 will be somewhere on the left-hand column, numbers between 10 and 19 are on the next column and so on.

How do I Win Bingo?

We play for two prizes – a Line and a Full House. Prizes will be announced at the beginning of each game.

If you are the first person to mark off all of the numbers on any horizontal line on your card – and the first person to make yourself known to me by yelling “House”, “Line” or any random swear words that grabs my attention – you will win the prize for the Line.

If you are the first person to mark off all of the numbers on any of the six panels on your card, you can claim the Full House prize. Remember, you need to shout out to claim or someone else might steak it from right under your nose.

How do I Win the Snowball?

Our second game of the night is our Snowball Round. In this game, you have the chance to win our incredible rolling jackpot prize. The Snowball is the same as the Full House except that you must complete the Full House within a set number of calls in order to win. Starting at €500 and 45 calls or less, the snowball grows by an additional €100 for each week that it is not won and the number of calls in which you can win it grows by one too.

The current snowball will be advertised on Twitter, Facebook or on The George’s Facebook page. [top]

The Rules

Despite what our official adjudicators think, the screens speak for themselves and, in any case, my decision is final. (Your rights and obligations under Irish & European Criminal & Commercial Law remain unaffected). [top]

What people had to say about Bingo

“One great party altogether” – U Magazine

“An amalgam of pub panto, drag show and beginner’s gambling!” – Sunday Independent

You haven’t played bingo unless you’ve played with Shirley Temple Bar.

– Vanity Fair

¹It means “until the police show.”. Get with the lingo!

Who is Shirley Temple Bar?

Shirley first appeared as a schoolgirl contestant in the 1997 Alternative Miss Ireland, which she effortlessly won. Subsequently, Shirley worked the local cabaret and club scene for a few months until she was offered her career-defining role as bingo-caller in The George Bar.

Bingo with Shirley Temple Bar quickly became a cult success and the show garnered a lot of media attention. Features in newspapers and on TV shows soon became personal columns in magazines & newspapers and appearances on chat shows and panel shows.

Two documentaries were produced about Shirley: an IFTA-nominated Irish language documentary for TG4 (26 mins; 1999) and an English language documentary for RTE1 (60 mins; 2000). She also featured on radio and TV programmes for multiple networks, including ITV, BBC, MTV, CNN, Channel 4 and all Irish stations.

In 2001, Shirley was asked to host the National Lottery’s Telly Bingo on RTE1 daytime. Shirley fronted the show (and sang her own theme tune) on Telly Bingo ‘twice a week’ and did so for 3 years before quitting ‘to spend more time on Bebo’.

Shirley Temple Bar is in a darkened studio in RTE, as the opening title for Telly Bingo superimposed on the shot.
In the studio for Telly Bingo, circa 2000.

Over the (many, many) years, Shirley also has appeared at festivals, on stage, in film, on TV,  in print and in poor quality videos on YouTube. Usually this is against her will and better judgement.

She has aged. But she has not grown up.


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